Our policy is always "Custom Design" to suit each individual and unique customer requirement, combining our own expertise and experience in boiler technology along with customer's specialist knowledge of product and material behavior.


CIMECH SYSTEMS INDUSTRIES, INC. is a 100% Filipino-owned corporation which specializes in providing a complete service to all types of industries from the initial conceptual design to the commission stage. Basically a family corporation, which started out as single-proprietorship in 1991, doing business under the name of R.S. LABUCAY CONSTRUCTION. Taking on its experience and expertise in its field of endeavour acquired as a single-proprietorship, it has expanded into a corporation with the clear objective of providing the most comprehensive service possible to the well-known top industries in the country and to introduce technology regarding steam generating systems.

CIMECH stand on its plant that is undergoing full development with an approximate area of 3,500sqm to accomodate our customer's increasing demand. Our more than 25 years of serving various industries, the trading contrinues... to manufacture, supply and serve high quality products and services such as, to mention a few;

  • Fabrication of CIMECH BOILER BRAND from 10 BHP up to 1000 BHP.
  • Piping of Steam Generating systems which includes design, installation and commissioning.
  • Installation works for various types of boiler.
  • Steam Pump and Blowdown Tank.
  • Calorifier, Dearetor Tank & Economizer.
  • Pressure Vessel Tanks.
  • Process Vessel Tank.
  • Steam Jacketted.
  • Mechanical Handling Conveyor Systems.
  • Boiler Retubing, Brick Laying and Castable Refractory Works.
  • Rehabilitation Works.
  • Maintenance Works.
  • Eletro-Mechanical Works (HVAC).
  • Boiler Maintenance.
  • HVAC & Materials handling equipment installation.
  • Design and Estimate steam generating & HVAC Systems
  • Structural Engineering, Civil Works and Design.
  • Energy Audit.
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging.

To provide world-class quality products and services timely to our customers, by creating a positive working environment that promotes sustainability, efficacy, work-life balance, growth and development of our employees.

To continually contribute to the development and success of our people and our customers.


Aims to be the leading global boiler technology in the industry that would give an impact in changing the lives of the people by continual improving of the effectiveness of Quality Management System (QMS).

To continually deliver efficient and economical products.

ISO 9001:2015 Certified
iso-certification iso-certification

CIMECH expertise is based on a large dedicated team of professional Mechanical, Electrical and Instrumentation engineers to provide a combination of sound engineering practice with an in-depth knowledge as equipment manufacturer. This way not only product quality is assured but also the steam requirement is computed strictly in accordance with PSME & ASME Code.

The contrinous training of welders, technicians and engineers by sending them to our partners abroad had boosted our confidence and know how on the latest technology we are in.

We cannot attain these accomplishment we had gained through the years, without the support of our loyal customer who believes in our capability, to our valued supplier who are very supportive to our goal, to our engineering team on their unwavering dedication, to our operations teams, who's always ready and on top of the situation to help us attain our project timeline, to our after-sales team, whom we can rely on at any given time whenever our customer demand to put their boiler back on operation at the earlist possible time, and to all our staff and workers who have been with the company since its establishment.

As part of our vision to be customer and service oriented, we are forming a technical team to be of help by sending them to our customer who wanted to check the efficiency of their equipment by conducting energy, capacity and steam audit. this is our way by helping reduce carbon footprint and help save our Mother Earth.


We are excited to be your industrial partner, to discuss your project our technical sales team are ready to assist you!
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